MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Suppose A Smile.

Suppose a smile.

Suppose it always, with a smile.

Suppose the sun to shine,
shine with a smile;

suppose the rain to fall and smile
smile at the earth;
the snow, with gentle smile,
protecting tender shoots;

suppose the wind to smile
mysteriously, about its secretwork;

suppose – that’s easy – flowers
to open with a smile; and
smile as they fade and wave farewell,
a smile that says, that’s how it is…

suppose some patient smiles:
as rain-forests say to those who cut them down,
you’ll live to regret this; here’s
your chance to learn;

suppose the desert sand to smile
and say, you took the trees, and now
I’m here; plant, call down rain, store, irrigate…

suppose the ice-cap, melting with sad smile,
saying, I did not choose…

suppose that Abraham, Moses, Christ, Mohammed
spoke their uncompromising, uncomfortable truths
always with a smile; a gentle smile;
a smile to say, I'm here, you're here to learn...

suppose the spear to smile,
hammered into pruning-hook..

suppose smile met with smile.


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