Supremacy Of God

Living everyday with no complain, thanking God for the gift of life and the bliss of love.
All praise and worship belong to the father of creation, God will forever be in control no matter the dark illusion of lucifer and his fallen angels.

The way of God is not the way of man, even the soothsayer is confuse about tomorrow; light give way through darkness but darkness is full of fear.
Only heavenly father of creation have the key to door of enternity.

No one knows tomorrow, but God still run the show. The wisdom and knowledge of man is nothing before the throne of the almighty God, the love of the most high in our life is bigger than the circle of hate land darkness.

Love is the cure to the sickness of this sinful world, there's so much to share with one and other, but illusion is turning the world upside down.

by Felix Opaleye

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