Creamy coloured bubbles
Of silky luminescence
Oft without any effervescence
Trickled running until pouring
Over china’s unwalled border
Wafting sickly odour
Of hot liquid pouring over
Without a snap or crackled pop
Hot milk on my weetabix
That for breakfast’s all I got
Except for
Coloured crystals shining
Like so many gems residing
With a cascaded piling
Of whitened multifaceted
Crunchy melting rock like pieces
Of shiny sugar granules
To give my weetabix its sweetness.
Because I don't like coco pops.

by David Taylor

Comments (3)

I love this, it's making me laugh out loud. Do you like Frosted Flakes? Or maybe Fruit Loops, now those are good. This poem is as sweet as you are, through your poems. mm.xo
As Helen said... and funny, too. A sweet read. t x
David, you take the ordinary and change it into the extra-ordinary! I love this, was thinking about bubbles only today in a poetic way and you've beaten me to it! Though this little piece of surrealism is so sweet I couldn't possibly compete.. HG: -) xx