KN ( / America)

Surcease From Shining


eyes begin watching
concerned and afraid
eyes grow troubled
worried and grave

a bolt of lightning
strikes home with a flash
and those eyes are shot open
as comprehending thoughts clash

the room starts to spin
and her stomach is sick
her body collapses
as if she's been kicked

her crumpled frail limbs
sink to the earth's floor
long ago her heart was broken
now her heart exists no more

she knows she is losing
losing it all
but she just keeps choosing
to play pretend through the fall

she's watching Loss stalking
sneaking ever near
the words she's speaking
are uttered in fear

a bright dying star
is reflected in her eyes
she wishes so damn far
while floods of tears are cried

then she's rendered voiceless
by a suffocating distress
her paranoia leaves her anguished
she can't escape this torment

her heart wavers
her body trembles
she's struck with a lost feeling
though her world seems to be healing

cold and alone
reaching for someone to hold
grasping thin, empty air
her eyes a dark, desperate stare

irreversibly damaged
by this blatant rejection
she drifts off to sleep
to a dreamland so sweet


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wow man that is amazing I seriously wish my poems were this good, I am envious my friend.