Surely You Jest

Poem By Michael Walkerjohn

Once again
and of a most
profound vacancy
I ride within the deep
and bleak thoughts of what
to do with the all of humanity
the lot; drunk within power’s lust
Lucifer’s cruelty, incredulous stupidity
shredding charity, declaring unmercifully
that the individual excels; life’s basket is rude
the innocent are merely fools, that gold and silver rules
and that ‘it’ is all that could exist in the entire universe
what could be worse, a bane, a curse, this f.u.b.a.r. insanity
this manufactured banality, all unreality, a dissected finality
revealing in totality, the absolute criminality now dispersed
within the all of humanity; existing only as an essence of
immorality, that worldwide psychopathic personality
hopeless beret of consensus, mutuality and impartiality
capable only of brutality, venality; rejecting rationality
disrespecting commonalities, unbelieving of the eventuality
unaware of the simplistic bioavailability of each and every soul…
you unwholesome husks of abnormality, you wastes of breath
you lowly beasts of absurdity, you are creeping towards obscurity
towards the cliffs of all eternity, hoping to become one with me?
Surely you jest?

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