MH (1950 / Ohio)

Philippines Forevermore

gentle feather flown in the sky
with the clouds unwavering blue capture
the wind that brings rain for fertility,
waiting to be bless the blooming flowers
of varied color grow in harmony

pacific wave turn the tide to grow
and the golden Stella’s shining play in
the paddling pebbles of the current sea,
bless comes the rich schools of fish as the
watching eyes of the flocks of seagull
honestly desire to dive in the temple of the
breezing wind as it flee, the surfing fishes
wander as it goes for sweet home von,
and farewell again

pleasure have witness the golden horizon
glow of the morning sun, forwarding poise
of the land of the Orient sea, forevermore
Philippines will be Free ….

by Antonio Liao

Comments (6)

A Lovely poem. we never really know someone but this can be because they dont really know themselves. I know I am a mystery to myself. I greatly admire your skill. Regards Ann
This is grizzly man, I just changed my name. I can really relate to this poem and about our decisions to trust or not trust another person. It is a risk we all have to take to give another person our fragile hearts knowing that they will break if they are dropped. This poem expresses these emotions so very well. You are also a very good wordsmith yourself.
Insperational. I loved it
The structure and flow of this make for a quick reading, and only afterwards is the depth of meaning absorbed... a wonderful piece. t x
Oh, the masks we all wear from time to time. Your poem expresses truth about what is and what seems to be. And you express it eloquently and compassionately. Great poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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