Surfacing From Their Narrow Crevices

Now surfacing from their narrow crevices...
Most are surprised,
There is a truth that thrives.

Eyes squenched from darkness,
As sunlight hits.
They become witnesses of others...
Living their lives as if those coming out,
Had not and do not for them exist.

Doing their best to catch up with the times,
They find themselves lost...
With minds left behind.
And holding onto values oxidized from rust...
They are thrusted into a world,
Unknown to them and they do not trust.

As they try to solicit others to acknowledge,
Their attempts to awaken and catch up!
They slowly become aware,
They are the ones who chose to hide in crevices.
Worshipping their gluttony...
With a lust that kept them stuck in ruts!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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