TTO ( / Washington State)


White walls and steel gurneys-
Antiseptic fills the air-
Outside the OR in the waiting room-
The night whispers a familys heart-felt prayer;

Moon shines outside in full bloom (The brightest)
Gives light much like a (thousand fireflies) no lie-
Over brother/sisters/friends and others...
While a poet-in life or death surgery wonders why?

Oh the dusk it came way too soon-
News of multiple shut-down was uncomfortable to hear-
Major bridges in need of delicate repair-
Climbing these mountains gives even doctors fear;

Traffic of the OR nurses revolve in and out-
Dressed down in their most crisp brillant white-
An incision is made near the patients left breast and mid chest-
Much worry cries- in the mist of this night;

Many prayers are sent to the above (God Found Her)
In a major (angel winged run) -
For healing complete of heart/kidneys/lungs-
For with God in the end His will be done;

Diagnosis: Heart damage from silent MI-
From years of abuse...? ? ?
Abuse of what? has the specialists puzzled...
And the patient wondering...? ? ?


Kidney damage from years of abuse-? ? ?
Abuse of what? has the specialist puzzled...
And the patient wondering...? ? ?


Lungs given out from heart and kidney damage-? ? ?
From years of abuse of what-? ? ? has the specialists puzzled...
And the patient wondering...? ? ?

(Blood/tissue/ and hair samples) finally tell the whole story...
To the patient and the specialists.........The Answers: 'sinister'
Now out of the hospital and... turned over for investigation;

Be careful what you eat! ! ! Be careful what you drink! ! !
Be careful what you breathe! ! ! Be careful of that skin cream! ! !
Be careful of sadists who lurk in the dark forests bearing knives! ! !

There are: 'wackos out there'.! ! ! Sadistic 'little men' who
Get their jollies off of just this very thing...
Its later than you think! ! !

The nervous system is the next thing on the list to
Be checked...As the Mercury continues to rise here! ! !

August 24,2009

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