Surmounting Problems

Together surmounting problems of an unlively life,
working straight through each other to find a place
to meet, a focus point.

Back and forth, flinging excuses, problems, maybe
solutions, striving for common ground amid the major
turmoil on this particular space of earth.

Meeting eye to eye, feeling joyless, because we must
part ways.

An unnecessary strain, sorrow, pain in life, caused
by unfair rules of a failure.

Despising the eagerness with which they go about their
ungodly deeds, heeding the greed within their hearts
of steel.

Running away with all their might when they see we have
stopped struggling and are no longer afraid of them, no
longer running.

Cobwebs are cleared, light shines forth and two people
walk away as friends, never bothering to turn or look
at what they've left behind, what they've walked away

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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