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Surprise Before Christmas
TJM (January 1948 / San Francisco, CA)

Surprise Before Christmas

Poem By Tom J. Mariani

was a couple of days before Christmas
And all through our house
Wrapping supplies were still scattered
When my wife first saw the mouse

I was dozing watching TV
When I hear her query
'What's that running across the floor? '
Her eyes showing signs of fear and fury

Then I saw it too and hoped it was
Heading out on his way back
It was a mouse for sure
Fury light brown with eyes coal black

I jumped to my feet
To see what to do
Could I be fast enough to catch him
Or just hit him with my shoe

I scared him all right
He again ran across the floor
Hid behind our presents
Instead of going out the door

Help was on the way
My son handed my a broom
My wife standing in her chair
Watching from the other room

Our daughter on her cell phone
Also seemed full of fright
I heard her asking a friend
If she could go there to spend the night

Then the mouse was gone
Fast as a shot
At least that's what I told my wife
I showed her the spot

'See the bottom of the new door
where the the rug used to be
That's where he went out.'
Sounded convincing to me

She made me check all the rooms
Even close up the chimney flue blockikng any crack
I thought better and didn't ask
How Santa was going to get in with his sack

Finally she went to bed
I was soon to follow
I'm sure she knew my promise of
'No mouse for Christmas.' was hollow

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A delicious little fun poem before Christmas. I got a chuckle out of it! Marilyn