Surprise Yourself

No one is heard saying,
Their days these days...
Are better lived to observe this witnessed.
No one is heard admitting,
They are thrilled and wished to skip...
Through the streets while singing,
Songs of love.
And enough of it they can not get.

Keep your head held high.
Surprise yourself with this done.
With a clearing clouds from your eyes.
To do until the Sun upon you shines.
It will.
If you allow this done to come.
Do your best to let what upsets go.
To know you've been blessed to have happiness.
Your own to have and felt to get.
Knowing you were not born to accept less.
Surprise yourself.
And allow the Sun with it done to come.
To shine upon you.
With more 'bling' than any one 'thing' can do.

Keep your held held high.
And surprise yourself to recognize this.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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