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Surprised By Grace

Each day
each passing hour
one word of confidence
to advance to take part in the dance
loving each other further everyday
in cadence we will love
through love we can grow
another flower grows
each new episode we are lost in love
this comes out of a hand up above
discuss us a reason of service

amidst the circumstance to take part in the dance
long ago let the truth be told
you can verge ahead a face filled with lead
learn to count your many blessings
start confessing and trusting
health is what I'm aiming for
a vast opened door lest I implore another ploy
love is the glue that draws us nearer
the helpinng hand of a man
life is what we make it most just fake it
in somber moments of timeless plight
forget the night the day is far too spent

by John Ackerman

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We should judge life with confidence with each passing hour and with beauty of mercy of God. This is a interesting poem very well penned.10