Surreal Words

When ' I like you' seems too easy,
and when ' I think you're cute ' seems slow,
with everything I know of language,
where do the right words go?

When ' I need you ' doesn't fit yet,
and ' I want you ' is too strong,
where are those words, that I can say,
that won't come out all wrong?

I'm lingering in limbo, I know not what to say,
there is no guiding light today to show this boy the way,
mis - chosen, clumsy, awkward words,
when all I'm asking is ' please stay '?

Perhaps in time I'll find the verbs,
to show you what I feel,
'till then I hope you understand,
that the words I blurt are real.

by Barry Van Allen

Comments (2)

Sometimes...feelings are best expressed...without words...: -) Hugs, Dee
Ah the loss of words... sometimes this is how you say 'I love you', when the words fall away. I've been there before, wouldn't mind going back again. Did you not forget the line 'Perhaps I won't need anything to say, because me loving you says it all.'?