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Poem By Nancy L Cohen

From what?
The reality of MY world.
It is so hard to live a lie.
Especially when no one wants you to live the truth.
Why...because it is too difficult?
Would the truth help the 'circumstances'? No
But at least I would feel free and not trapped.
Yes it is ok talk about the future and how we feel.
But no it is not ok to BE!
Must be nice not to live a secret...isn't that what you said once before,
that you were not going to be a secret..
Why is it ok for you and not me?
Why because you are already free.
Me, I am not.
IT SUCKS! ! ! It really, really does.
And this makes me angry.
Two faces is what this is.
The face everyone wants to see,
And the face I want to show
I am still stuck between two worlds.
It isn't because that is what I choose.
It is because that is where everyone
wants me.
But I am choosing to allow it to happen.
And this makes me angry.
I feel I must hold my hands and say I give.
I give up on this anger.
I allow both worlds to put the
handcuffs on.
I surrender!

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Never Surrender Nancy, live life on your terms. Above all keep writing. I enjoyed your poem, look forward to reading more of your work. Kindest Regards Slim.