The song of heart- - 6

Many a time have I thought
to give myself to thy service,
To thy lotus feet, seek my ultimate
The heavy load of life for ignorant elongation
Of mind,
The false notion of life stunted me from the
Wholesome annihilation.
The darkness in the mind and sorrow for
Unwanted dream and fluidity or fickleness of
Making mortal into immortal,
The relation into mindless fragrance,
Impede my rigid mind to flow.
Weakness to pause the mind and it's dumbfounded imaginary bliss of joy,
away me from thee and no place to hide.
Eternal damnation dawns on me and I am worthless for thy worship.
The door is closed and I am the keeper to seal me behind the bar,
The spirit of sleepless night and viperous pleasure that nurtures bloomer, the unforgiving,
rejects my oblation.

by Prabir Gayen

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