A conflict and war
You shut the door
They made a mistake
This is the pain they’ll take
You felt offended
The whole time they pretended
They were playing you
The whole time it flew
You thought you were friends
Now you’re bringing it to an end
They were not your friends forever
You now can surrender
You hold up you white flag
Finally making them feel bad
No more using
No more abusing
You’re not a defender
You now could surrender

by Free Faller

Comments (2)

You are very wise with your words. It is hard for me to brlieve you're just 13. Excellent poem.
Just reading this made me feel sick Free Faller, I am just not made that way. It's the suicidal gemini poet in me, never walk away reflex! lol Nice for those who can and interesting reading too. 10 from Punket alpha bitch to her better than sweet end, Tai