No Wait Till

No wait

Still you want to watch and wait
Till they completely seal your fate
Bring in more deaths
And make it unbearable to breathe

How long will you advocate?
And relate
About their free entry!
For causing violence and anarchy

President Trump is right
In banning their entry and making rules tight
How can you trust such people who not only malign?
The religion but bring other people to be condemned

Enough is enough
No one may laugh
If such people are bombed and destroyed
We shall never be dismayed

How cruel can you be in host country?
Who has allowed you free entry?
And visa for studying
Now their people are dying

Let countries suffer
And send no more
The people who are suspect
And involve in nefarious acts

Push people back
Even if they have gained entry and staked claim
They need no sympathy
But only red eye's action and penalty

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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good poem, it sounds like your speaking from experience