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DMS (June 10,1983 / Circleville)


You came in like a whirlwind
Did not expect you to appear
But you did

You caught me off guard
I lie awake at night and think
And relive all the moments with you

I don't know what you did
But you did something to me
For the first time in my life I know what I want

But the moment I knew what I wanted
I started to lose my grip
I turned around and you are gone

You have disappeared on me
I can not find you
So I continue to think

And think, and think
Maybe I said or did something
To drive you away

You win, I surrender
There is something about you
That just drives me insane

I can't figure you out
I keep trying to wrap my mind around you
But I keep getting deeper and deeper

My head is barely above water
And yet I still keeping pondering you
Wondering if you will come back

You have got this hold on me
For I have had no one
Get under my skin like you

Such that I just need to be around you
I don't have to talk to you
I just have to be there

You win, I surrender
I don't know how much fight is left in me
But I really don't want to fight anymore.

I like it when we don't fight
I like it when we are friends
I like it when we talk all night

I don't know what it is that you want
I know that maybe I am not right
But who is to say that I am wrong

Lets take a chance and fly…
For I have surrendered
For the first time in my life

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good poem, it sounds like your speaking from experience