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Surrender In Obeisance

Bradin, bless his 1,3 and 5 a.m. wakings
rolled onto his tummy for the first time,
freed his arm, and lay there....
Bryanna discovered the joys of singing
and clapping to nursery rhymes.
How she wished she knew the words!
Shelley beavered on with her dolls house project
all M D F and holes.
She has completed two children since starting.
Myself, having coffeed my way out of
a feeding fog, and marginally minded the kids,
mused over God and Evil.

I ensensed a world where
perfection and goodness were all.
Everything was like air,
invisible, tasteless, odorless, quiet,
pressing and perfect.
Pressing but unfelt,
senses and soul undisturbed.

The myriads genuflected godwards
oceans to the moon
in unison, unknowing, unaware.
God, though the creation was good,
got bored.
Chaos, fear and evil were unleashed
from a dusty niche of the pantheon.

The myriads, though mostly confused,
now knew choice.
At last they could know God.
How much sweeter
they surrender in obeisance.

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