Surrender To Darkness

Pain, it the obstacle to which we can never defend,
No one can help us be they family or friend,
Pain is the tormentor that pulled us towards that ledge,
It? s all their fault they pushed us over the edge,
It was too late when we fell down,
Through the sky onto the black charred ground,
Can you feel how much we hate and despise,
Let us tear, pull and rip out our eyes,
You see this is humanities ideal,
To tell each other how much hurt we feel,
This is how it should be for all time,
When we are chasing sanity from our minds,
How we would cut our skin and let flow our black blood,
Knowing that we would be washing the agony away for good,
To be gone from the world that teases us so inside of a coffin of silk and gold,
To be remembered fondly even when our bodies are cold,
They caused us to cry tears of utter nothingness,
They forgot to be our guide when we wandered the wilderness,
Can you see how we? re drowning in our sin?
Let us scratch and peel away our skin,
They pushed us into an early grave; they pulled us into the earth by our hair,
But the thing you have to ask is, do we really care?
I think the answer is no because despite their persistence,
We remain even in death empty, indifferent,
Humanity helped us to live, but encouraged us to die,
It taught to disobey, to steal, kill and lie,
Outcasts we lived our futures now,
Drinking deep from the blood that dripped from God? s brow,
We don? t give a damn even now about our fears,
Let us claw and scream to rid us of the whining in our ears,
But we don? t need them; we are free now, in death in hell,
We are free from our confines, free from our shell,
Come, let? s free our anger, let? s lose our distress,
And together we shall surrender to eternal darkness

by blood red angel

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