Surrounded By Misfits

Issues that confuse,
Stall conclusions from the start!
Matters of shared dialogue intended...
Initiates a popularity of personalities,
Tossed about and lost!
Bitter conflicts about distrust,
Become childish playground pranks!
Leaving those who compose as poets...
Ranting about ratings,
And who has abused their rank!

If systems devised to award prizes,
For those who had true 'gifts'...
There would be few
Who did what they do,
Since the process to create would just sit!
But of course they are not bothered...
When surrounded by misfits!
There are those who fart with their art!
And there are those who are serious...
With the 'work' they submit.
Trying to avoid and escape these conflicts!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Well there should be a 'Special Notice' board here to post this poem. Lordy, what a mess....know of one who all but lost their mind......over numbers? ? ! ! Great write here.~~~~~~~marci. :)