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Believe me,
I really need you to survive,
I know no other road,
No other drive,
As strong as you,
Encircling all of Life,
Pure as the morning dew.

Yes, I need you to go on,
Like our poor planet needs the dawning Sun,
Like the night needs the moon,
To project its only light,
Like the bird needs,
It's liberating flight.

May I name you now?
Beloved, Love
Life revolves,
Around your Light.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (3)

I feel this way about my children and my friends. I need them to survive, to grow, to be happy.
No other drive so strong, all at once romantic with the coupling of the moon to night's light as well as deeply honest in the need that encircles your life.....splendid.
Lovely encouraging poem for someone loosing hope.