(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Survival Of A Language!

Can a language sans public use be developed or promoted?

A language in public use is spoken, read and written only
Among the people of the race belonging to that language.
If they are living in a place of other racial community, the
Use of that language is impossible let alone its development!

Those people are termed as linguistic minority in that place;
Unless they all live in a place of their own, they surely can't
Dream of developing and promoting their language ever....!

Due to this helplessness, that language remains to be not
Productive as for as newspapers, magazines and books are
Concerned and literature can't be developed for any use ever.

At the most survival of that language is possible, only if it is
Spoken at least among its own people at home or when they
Are meeting in some functions not often but now and then...!

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