(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Survive Another Day [rev]

The Other Side of History explains old & new
South Africa share identical desires to invent
history while events take place, - both with a
disregard for discrete inquiry into what really
transpired; as a political narrative of collective
self-interest in introverted and egocentric self-
belief, politicians & freedom fighters alike just
decide what they require then decree what is
to be reported - journalists daren't represent
events how we actually experienced them

We love creation of a rainbow nation, miracle
transition into non-racial South Africa and the
brilliant new garb for the hapless Emperor of
Truth - made beautiful by window-dressing; &
hire-a-crowd meetings to create impressions
ANC's a successful governing party; now this
merry band of criminals find running a country
is a precise science based on knowledge and
experience: ambits appropriating tax fund are
practised worldwide - requiring planning and

Diplomacy to leave enough to keep services
intact and allow politicians to plunder another
day - killing the goose is counter-productive;
Africa's leaders must learn crime pays only
if carefully planned, politicians commit fraud
in all countries with such finesse they retain
the wherewithal to govern; here, the African
autocrats lead their countries down paths to
financial ruin seen in derelict states - with at
best rubbish status, - so hear my cry:

Why can't Africa's beloved politicians learn
to commit felony & perjury democratically -
so our economies can survive another day

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