(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Survive My Life

Deaf on the left - my left ear & learning state
capture isn't clear - not clear enough to stop
capturers from continuing with illegal ousting
of honest people, and you complaining loud-
ly about losing your pension - finance being

Your sole interest in life at present; - robbed
me from the pleasure of browsing in a local
shop for suitable tops - I don't care so much
that the country's falling apart, your reaction
to this event causes the injury that smarts -

You rant and rave making me feel guilty for
trying to save my inflammatory left ear - for
living & breathing, then obtaining medicine,
the only short-term relief I know is watching
the most notorious killers in Britain, taking

Comfort that 1 day a mass murderer might
also help me to close my eyes for the last
time to become consciousness freed from
the isolation of being the failed bureaucrat
whose circumspect colleagues treat her as

An anomaly, imagination equating her to a
most abhorred incumbent in administrative
circles & do you know how awful it is to be
shunned by GOOD people? - - rejected for
not able to do routine assembly-line work

In a way that improves life since I'm also
plagued by existential crises and a brain
like a black hole-sieve that shunts all facts
into a pensieve before properly realising
what important terms mean, how could

My life descend into such a low sphere,
how did I estrange many GOOD people,
how selfish am I that others can never
confide their troubles to me? - T'is the
end and I admit that I never got it right

Yet my spiritual website tells we can't get
it wrong as we never get it done because
evolution is eternal, developing to Infinity
so there is no ending -let me continue to
thwart those who claim to know it all, not

To punish them, only to survive my life…

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A very powerful poem