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Surviving A Broken Heart

How to heal a broken heart? They ask,
It’s a long road, a transit to get through
Pain seems unending, tears always rolling
Film of memories running to your mind,
As if amusing your whole being…
Entertaining your soul, digging what’s inside
Tormenting every inch of your misery,
Leaving you nothing but mistakes of the past.

How to heal a broken heart? They ask
A quest of frustration, a quest of failure
Shedding drops of hatred emotions,
A life of its own selfishness and cruelty,
Parallel to one’s innocence and sensitivity,
One’s requires being brave yet humble,
In order to see life’s meaning and beauty,
From the beast of inhuman society.

How to heal a broken heart? They ask,
The answer is aloof, a drain thinking
Every pain has its sweetness, somehow
Sacrifices are strong swords and a blessing,
Arm with braveness to keep holding on,
Restoring precious possession now without,
If one has a willingness to fight to every emotion,
There must be a healing to a broken heart

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