Surviving Denial

Difficult it can be.
For many today to admit.
But ultimately agree.
Surviving denial,
Is a heartbreaking process to face.
Although overcoming delusions to erase,
Can be breath taking.
Especially when their denials,
Are replaced with undeniable truth.
As those denials forever are chased away.

Difficult it can be.
To have false beliefs,
Encountered to defeat them.
Leaving one tearfully to grieve.
But thoughts to keep fed by deceivers,
Always betray a peace of mind.
And one who has peace like this received,
Know they have it to never disbelieve.

"Your neighbors?
What's going on?
Why are they hugging each other?
And crying?
Who died? "

-I am beginning to see more of this.
At first I was suspicious.
Then I learned,
They are among the last to have survived.
Overcomed by giving up their denials.
And for them the experience had been traumatic.

And to think they allowed it shown.
Embracing each other publicly.
Sharing their condolences.
God is good."

-All the time.
And in the most strangest of ways.
To keep people reminded.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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