Surviving Idiots

Spin me around in the chair, make me a fool again
Pointing out my imperfections, witness me so vain
Chuckle and laugh, at my every second’s misfortune
Pebbles and stones that you threw; at every ascension

Though far from the child, to sit in the corner and cry
As I know I am begging, at your every unperfected pry
Deep down inside you hate me, hurt me to settle me down
Afraid of who I might be, to someday break your crown

Cannot stand to see me, so higher a position above you
Only the weak evidence, unfortunately that be it, so true
Still can’t escape my psychology, of your every whim
A shade or two of black, to scrape the barrels so slim

That content without the substance, is nothing untold
Of the weakling that you are, my expression turns cold
When administering the describing, of what you are
Sees in this mind, an intelligence so satisfied by far

Your every call and snapping, of your aching fingers
Soon rings out to your swansong, a new destiny lingers
When futures sped passed, by your pathetic mockeries
I am higher, brighter and so much better than idiocies

The arrogance befalls your ignorance, and inaccuracies
You’re so blind now, that we’ve broken your hypocrisies
Train of opportunity has left the station, you’re still stood
Crying and defeating in verses, of how the world should

And did you not realise, when the party is over for you
You’re thirsting still, when the wise are in drunken stew
Mocking those throwing the hoops, have you ever won it?
One day I pray for you, until you realise you’re an idiot

by Vision Ghost

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Good shit. What else can be said?