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Surviving The Songs That Will Survive Us(For St)
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Surviving The Songs That Will Survive Us(For St)

Surviving The Songs That Will Survive Us


passing the radio

singing its heart out

two floors above me

balanced precariously on a window sill

its voice

reached out

& grabbed me

back into the forgotten past

kidnapping me from

the intricate intricacies of the present

that fall as gentle as rain

& once again

I was in love

and it was summer

in my heart

& I say each

trembling word

into her


my lips tasting the sweetness

of her sweat

the softness of

her breast...her breath

the flounce of her ra-ra skirt

'...and he'll kiss

your lips

& caress your waiting fingertips

and your heart...your heart's...'

when with a start

I stopped a step short

of instant decapitation

as the radio

smashed on the pavement

before my startled right foot

my left stopped

in mid-step

a second short of destruction.

I gaze up

and see

a naked female posterior

placed precariously there

where the radio should be

by an obviously too ardent lover

invisible except for

his fingers clutching female buttocks!

I wave away

their apologies


glad to be still here

but on the look-out


for those old love songs

that want you either

dead or alive.

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Only you...oh, only you would dream this one up! ! The joy of singing along, then crash, bang! the raido comes tumbling down...and shock of shocks...what should you see above? ? ? As I say, only you! ! By the way - - THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES...And I'll kiss your lips...and caress your waiting fingertips...and your heart...your heart is gonna fly....away! !