AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


Julia was the only survivor of the plane crash
It was freezing cold on the snow-covered mountains
She stood there all alone, with her bare face hanging out
Hoping that somebody heard her calling for mayday

Climbing down from that height was too hazardous
She had never before felt abandoned like that
The only thing she needed was making a bonfire
To warm herself up before sprouting wings

About to fall asleep, she spotted an old man
Lightly dressed, with snow-white long hair and beard
He spoke to her in a strange language, but she understood
He was a hermit who had ability at performing magic

Shaking hands with her, he uttered a spell
She was amazed to feel the longing warmth in frozen limbs
''Now, don't be scared, just hold my hand, ''he said
And they took a flight over the highlands until landed on a hayfield

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Great imagination Aram. I see this as the first chapter of a possible book? Would be great story. sincerely, mary