TAM (1940 / Michigan, U.S.A.)


Shipwrecked in the middle of the sea
Consumed by thrashing waves of misery
Weariness is cast upon a lonely shore
Slowly abandoned dreams are restored

With stars and moon the only light
To lift the darkness from your sight
Gentle winds say goodbye to the storm
Soon the rising sun refreshes and warms

Regaining focus and learning how to cope
Survival is rekindled by the flame of hope
Seeking shelter and nourishment to sustain
Finding the initiative to begin life again


by Theresa Ann Moore

Comments (2)

A very nice write, Theresa. Life is full of shipwrecks of one kind or another. Hope helps us to adapt and move forward. Thanks Richard
This poem is of hope for the future a nice read Theresa well penned and worth ten love Chris