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This survivor never lost,
Only won in fame,
Arguments, votes all were chosen,
He was winning his game.

Surviving through the worst storms,
Coming out drenched but alive,
Taking risks rescuing to the dead,
Like taking a carnivorous dive.

Going through Hell to fight of devils,
Killing for all good mankind,
Glory in his faithful day,
Peace he shall find.

Moving though the moors,
Strategic, down and low,
Waiting for the symbol,
To pounce and bravely show.

The battle of peace and victory,
Surviving he does his part,
One to save his country,
The other to save his heart.

Fighting they stayed forever,
Surviving was only a chance,
But this person or even they,
Done that with a threatening glance.

We are the victors,
Their eyes showing this phrase,
Never to lose or fail,
Never to fall in daze.

Going through the mud,
Taking control and speed,
Moving towards the enemy,
Never to stop and heed.

Some died surviving,
Injured but never dead,
For in the hearts they fought,
For justice as rightly said.

Taking diseases and famine,
These survivors never were daunted,
Killing those of evil,
And those that bring the haunted.

Past the seas they traveled,
Going through rough and war,
Shooting cannon with power,
Accurate, never a flaw.

Sinking the other ships,
Guiding their own to Heaven,
Never to follow a plan,
But to stop for supplies at Devon.

For they knew the enemy,
All the rugged sly moves,
To conquer all the world,
With the horses hooves.

Discover new lands,
Have people at the ready,
The survivors though standing,
Nice and strong and steady.

Battle it out they did,
Die did they never,
Surviving was the aim,
This was, forever.

Going through terrain,
Only Hell would dream,
Unimaginable it would be,
But real, as it would seem.

The war lasting long,
Survivors still here till dawn,
Until defeat came to town,
Peace now firmly born.

Survivors still accounting,
For what went on and where,
Many still survive today, though many died,
And into the enemies eyes they stare.

Remembering all the friends who died,
And how some so stood,
To have gone through all and still survived,
How come some just could?

Going through storms of sea and land,
As well as bullets of steel,
Wounded many but they survived,
How it must... feel.

Surviving many for the lands,
The country and the crown,
Never to lose, gaze and fall,
And die with darkened frown.

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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