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Suspended (Reprise)

Hear the stains of these prominent merits
The north's forced to feed on a few meager rations
The numbness grows, the circulation slows
From these multilateral imposing sanctions

This accusation of being a backward rogue nation
Suspended on the scales of stainless steel
So there were many eyes on Pyongyang's missile-testing
But no ears on their court bench appeal

From the streams of starvation, to the seas of isolation
Suspended, apart, from a globalized world
Creeping ties suspending the lies in the hands of the west

All thanks to this, their fruit will never be ripe
The future is threatened to collapse in the dark
Losing all hope to reunify
And any health care provision upstart earmark

Concessions for the gold
Confessions for the mold
Indiscretions of oppressions, the bought and the sold
Of the complacent, the madman, the dead man, the old

Suspended in talks since having been found
The West may suggest they stand right-side up
But it is they, Kim say's, who are in-fact up-side down

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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