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(((Sustain Me)))

Your arms are my shelter...
Aching from the storms of yesterday-
i run-
Through fields of sorrow and regret-
In hopes of reaching your sweet smile;
i run down winding paths of empty-
And across mountains of hurt-
In need-so in need of your arms...
Your eyes, your smile...
Your gentle caress...
Assuring me-everything will be alright;
i run-through oceans and oceans of tears-my tears-
Fighting the waves oppressive weight...
Tidal waves of misery and helplessness;
Hopelessness is a greedy state-!
For it captures my entire spirit and suffocates my faith;
Your arms are my only shelter...
My salvation...
My safe haven...
Away from this cold dark world-
That has declared a most unmerciful war upon me;
Come save me my beloved from the ravages-
Of an angry angry Earth! ! !

The Essence
July 31,2010

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Thank you Baru. Cordially, Theo
The seeker, his role and sustainability are quite the sides of life's triangle. Your poem started a chain of thoughts. Interesting piece....Baru Gobira