Swami Vivekananda -The Poet-Prophet.

Swami Vivekananda, -The Poet-Prophet -

Ideal Poet, -aura from the Truth's contents,
Induces others' hidden divine,
Awakes their slumbering souls,
And lead them to clamour in unknown glamour,
Where the Joy of Innocence rolls.

"My dear sisters and brothers..."
Addresses a voice,
Stops all noise,
The audience get stirred with luminous beams,
And transcended they are in Heaven -own dreams.
The dust-wrapped inert mind discovers its divine glory,
And here is where Swamiji unfolds His poetic story.

Others make rime, create image, falsify the real,
And weave the mimic in their artful tales.
But Swami Vivekananda is a station above human reach,
Each of his words avenues profound life,
And the poets forgetting their poetry, follow His speech.

Plato, had he been alive, would have jumped in His feet,
And begged to Vivekananda to have a nook in His poetic retreat.
For live-Ultimate -Reality Swamiji Himself was,
An animal -man turns -all divine with his single touch.
Matsuo Basho the bard of Japan could see beauty in poet's life,
That when through a prophetic tongue is sung,
Washes away Man's sorrowful strife.(Continue...)

by Bazi alis Subrata Ray

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