Cleanliness And Happiness

Cleanliness! Cleanliness! Cleanliness!
Cleanliness ever gives you happiness! happiness! happiness!
For cleanliness is next to Godliness! Godliness! Godliness!

Keep your surroundings very clean,
Dust and tidy, wash and preen,
Spic and span-it must seem,
In an environment that does gleam.

Physical cleanliness is a must,
Brush your teeth and attend to bathing;
Clean your hair and wear clothes clean;
Be fresh and to be clean, be keen.

Flush all evil thoughts from your mind
And gush it with love and ever be kind;
Honesty and sincerity; goodness and cheerfulness
Implanted, will make one bounce with happiness.

by chandra thiagarajan

Comments (24)

Love found. Love lost. Captivating story from the fist to the last line.
a very sad story David, enjoyed reading your epic poem Alan
Thank you for sharing, it's a wonderful ballad!
Compelling! Creative! Captivating! Well done!
No one can't say BEAUTIFUL
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