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Swatted - A Sad Tale Of Interspecies Love
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Swatted - A Sad Tale Of Interspecies Love

just a fly
on the ceiling

love you
with strongest

i can't tell
when I'm
upside down

is that a smile
or is that
a frown?

i must
give you
a gentle kiss

and hope
your swatter
will maybe miss

oh me
oh my
too late
to wonder why
'you wouldn't hurt a fly'
was a lie
or incorrectly said
for now I'm nearly dead
'cause you wacked me on the head

what is that?
dignity in death
I lack
when I am eaten
by your cat...

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Comments (5)

That's brilliant! - you make us feel sorry for the fly. Delightful poem!
Affectionate and funny, Charles... even a fly can't help but love your poetry! Brian
Bzzzzzzz....SWAT! ! ! Where do you come up with these ideas...where, where, where I ask you... Hugs, Dee
Why Charles, how cute is this? ? ? ((laughing)) Even the cat is laughing.... Sandra
Hey Charles... Equally impressed by this! ! Brought a deep chuckle from me, which is some mean feat considering the mood I'm in! Take care x Dan x