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Sweeping Meadows Arranged In Cryptic Message Forms
JS ( / Carlsbad, California, USA)

Sweeping Meadows Arranged In Cryptic Message Forms

Poem By John Schwei

Out of nowhere comes the call above ominous cloud storm
Fleeting waves sail across swells of sunset's amber glow
Mauve tinged skies stretched beyond space seen catched in tow
Faced with ever the dilemma to turn to just one for trust
How can a heart choose to lose the one returned to dust
There is the dream now can come true
Only in one eternity of two
Forlorn secret memory gone in time to wait
Fails disappointment the instant turned to hate
Stories transformed recall a sweet reunion
To remember love's sonnets extreme unction
Bring back soul beloved of the original
To merge its handiwork behalf life's jumble
Songs eons ago with inner themes in mind
Give happy a heart full blessed favor in kind
Once again embrace joy found
Through rapture free unbound
Fashion not a mystic illusion pristine
Grasp life's real passion, "love" for Christine

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