AJS (16-04-1992 / Nigeria)

Sweet Agony Of Love

If all I may say this time
Will fall-deep into your heart
And run through the veins to your brains,
I would need not to swear
By the fallen dews at dawn,
By the rise and set of Sun,
By the unseen eyes of God,
That I'm in love with you again.

The sweet agony of love
Stumbled upon in the past we had,
The silent speech of our fingers
In the past that did us apart,
The evil assumption of our minds
That trapped the trust we shared,
Devil be gone,
Be sure you can trust me again.

Forget about the past
That harshly held us back,
Forget about the whims
That bewildered our cart,
Think of the darling dreams
All that passed us by,
Think of you and I
Forever together as one.

#Jalalpoetry 2018

by Assayouti Jalaludeen Shuaib

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A refined poetic imagination, Assayouti. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.