Sweet And Bitter Boomerang

Love is sweet
If it's meant for you
And if it's all yours
No matter how far slips
It will bounce back
like a boomerang
But be careful
If you don't know this play
It may fly back
hit and injure you
And you will say
Love is bitter too

by Rini Shibu

Comments (5)

Hi Rini, Boomerang has a negative tinge in its meaning. So, in the first part of your poem, the positivity inetended by you woes not come out the wat you have tried to.
Your 'Sweet And Bitter Boomerang' is elegantly crafted Rini, Liked it......10
A very lovely and insightful write. Loved the first 2 lines.10
This is a very thought invoking poem about sweet and bitter boomerang.
No matter how far slips! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.