Shadow Of The Fall

A sudden prick in time
woke me up from the deep sleep
of serenity and peace I was in

A colorful dream of wonders and hues
portrayed handful of challenges
of loneliness and confinement in me

A touch of slight sunshine of blues
rose an enormous tenderness
of the life and tranquility I ever wanted

A voice from the gone past
shook the cold ice bergs
of questions and unanswered prayers of mine

A look at the glory of dying ambers
despite my earnest protests
of bliess from the past and present

A crumbled envelope encased in moments
floating upon the silver waves
of tip toed words quiet and persistent

A heart waiting to fulfill broken promises
abandoned in the unseen ashes
of never to be found and seen again

by Asma Khan

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this is an interesting poem. keep it up