Sweet Aroma

'Amore libero'!
Sweet aroma;

Teach me what i have done wrong and,
I will cease my speech;

Ease my pain with the Truth! !
Please, teach me the truth.

A despairing person should have the loyalty of his or her friends,
So teach me what i have done wrong.

In my unrelenting pain! !
Show me where i have erred;

Sweet love,
Sweet aroma!
Peace is gained only with the truth.

I am only a human just like you,
Verse, serve, reserve, reverse!
If i say i am perfect, my mouth would prove me perverse;
So take me as i am and let us be one! ! In unity.

Sweet aroma,
'Amore libero'!
I am only human like you are;
Let the truth be the solution.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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