Sweet Baby

Baby, sweet baby, with tears in your eyes
Rest your head gently, there's no need to cry,
Come let me sing you a soft lullaby
The sandman is coming and dreamland is nigh;

Baby, sweet baby, with skin soft and fair
And little pink ribbons done up in your hair,
In your tiny world there should not be a care
May angels surround you and send you a prayer;

Baby, sweet baby, your cute button nose
Your soft tiny fingers and sweet baby toes
Have truly bewitched me and nobody knows
How the depth of my love for you just grows and grows;

So precious and tender your love is to me,
Until I first held you, I never could see
How wonderfully magical my life could be -
You've opened my heart and my spirit is free!

For my sweet little angel Shelby Lynn

by Linda Ori

Comments (8)

Nice tender poem, almost like a tender humimg mothers songs mother sing to a cuddling baby in her arms Great, great tender poem
...very beautiful...love this ★
Linda...I love using this poem on baby shower cards! ! ! I always get asked about it, and I tell them that the author's name is on the bottom....it's simply a beautiful poem! ! !
Linda, Isn't it amazing how such a little package can make a house smell so good and so bad - - - all at the same time? B.V.A.
Oh my angel Your innocent face Has the divine grace Of God itself Love...Ray
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