MP (8-6-60 / Philipines)

Sweet Bella

I am a fighter
I can survive without you
I know what lies ahead of me
I know what I have to do

I can make it on my own
I thought I needed your love
But I have the love of my wife
And faith in the Lord above

I don't need your wisdom
I don't need your advice
I don't need your sphaghetti pie
I don't need a slice

Keep your problems to yourself
I have enough of my own
Take your beef stew
And leave it on the bone

Handle your sorrow
Deal with your pain
You don't need me anyway
Because you think I'm insane

I don't owe you an explanation
I don't owe you a fuckin' thing
You should have dissapeared like daddy
The one armed illiterate king

But you stuck around
Becoz u felt I needed a good mother
Well just becoz u stuck around
Doesn't excuse u for killing my brother

Oh u say your innocent
You are not to blame
Well don't lay the blame on me
Just becoz u think I'm insane

U say you did your best
U did all u could
The only thing I'm thankful for
Is that u moved me out of that shitty neighborhood

Where I was trapped for many years
But u didn't see I was in a cage
Becoz u were too busy fighting with the king
U were blinded by rage

U think you're so fuckin' smart
U think u have all the answers to life
U should take the time to figure out
How to be a good wife

At least I don't marry losers
The one I married doesn't hide in a dark room
And the first fuckhead u married
Couldn't even hold down a job pushing a broom

U think I am an evil person
Becoz I got stoned with fire
I've accomplished more than u ever will
Becoz I'm filled with passion and desire

What are u filled with old woman
I think your full of shit
U used to be a fighter
But u threw in the towel and quit

I am a quiter I must admit
But I'm still standing in the ring
Your tears used to mean something
But now your sob story don't mean a thing

Who is the adult
I should be crying to u
Go cry in your fancy bathroom mirror
And watch your face turn blue

When your little princess
Finally gets her freedom back
Don't think that things will change
Becoz the Devil constantly attacks

And when u need me to drive
Your little angel to Heaven's gate
Wake up the sleeping dungeon master
After u serve him his vitamin plate

And when the dark dungeon is empty
And your little angel left to seek fortune and fame
When u are alone and have no one to cry too
Who will u have to blame

When your family abandons u
Becoz u love to bitch and moan
Will u finally find happiness
Now that you're all alone

So u say you've been thru it
You've dealt with mental illlness before
Don't worry about my illness Sweet Bella
Becoz I won't be knocking at your door

Sounds like your tired of all the craziness
How can your children be so sad and blue
Just remember Sweet Bella
Your children are a reflection of U

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