Sweet Closing

An easy end?
A broken heart,
The days when we will be apart

A breakneck speed,
The briefest pause,
Reality bares it's sharpest claws

The nighttime now is drawing in,
Wrapping 'round my mind like sin

My thoughts of you,
Won't soon erase,
Won't lead me to a restful place

My dreams begin,
And there I see,
The part of you that once was me

Too much to give?
Too much to ask?
Too much of living in the past?

Round and round these questions fly,
Like red leaves falling from the sky

But through the swirling fog I see,
A glowing core of you and me

The pain recedes,
The hurt replaced,
A warm, sweet memory takes it's shape

Of laughing, whispers, stolen kisses,
Best-friend moments, lovers' wishes

These are the thoughts I'll take with me,
Through the years and over seas

Holding on to hope so true
That you know how much of me is you

by k weingartz

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