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Sweet Cold Memories

Cold Rainy Afternoon
Nothing to do
and its cold

Days like these
Reminds me of
the old days

When I would
Bake cookies with
My own Mommy

She smile and
Ask if I would
Be her helper

I would nod
And give back
My angelic smile

We would go
In to the
Kitchen to bake

All the ingredients
Set out and
Waiting for us

The silliness of
Mixing the flour
And the two eggs

Adding in those
Small sweet chocolate
Chips I love

Rolling the dough
To be solid
Flat to cut

The shapes of
The moon stars
Cats and hearts

Sometimes when I
Wasn't looking she would
Make a bunny

Putting it in
To the oven
And setting time

Preheating and watching
It bake slowly
To absolute perfection

Timer goes off
And I run
To the Kitchen

At full speed
I nearly crash in
To my Mom

We laugh and
Make way to
The sweet aroma

Out comes the
Cookies and now
It’s cooling time

Patiently I sit
Wait and staring
For ten minutes

The cookies are
Cooled and Mom and
I enjoy them

Then we share
Stories of things
That had happened

My silly stories
Of when I
Was a baby

Or maybe a
Fun day at
My elementary school

I snap back
In to reality with
Harsh Cold Thunder

I turn and
Look at my
Old blank mom

She started drinking
And since those
Days have vanished

I would give
Anything for it
To come back

For her to
Stop that drinking and
Wake up now

To bake those
Cookies and talk
Of high school

To get advice
From the one
I loved always

To tell of
Girl and guy
Problems I have

But I must
Face the harsh truth
The world has

She isn't ever
Going to stop
Or come back

She will stay
With that bottle
No matter what

And when I
Leave she may
Not even notice

I will walk
Out and she will
Stay dazed forever

In that world
Where she thinks
All is perfect

When she can't
See the damage
She has caused

To Herself or
The scars she
Has left me

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Sweet and nice, keep writing for I can see that you have the ball of good poet and a writer. thanks and best wishes, melvin