(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Sweet Common Sense [revised]

It is a CHOICE to feel separate,
alone and abandoned, creating
a sad illusion which brings pain
and suffering - some choose to
believe life evolved randomly in
a hostile environment unaware
of life and consciousness - that
humans deserve the destruction
they wreak with their own hands

People seek love relationships
but nothing satisfies deep need
within - while forever dreaming
of an elusive love not found in a
God rewarding good behaviour
or in subjugating others to honour
Him - we thus miss the point of
existence: that is in knowing the
joy of delighted consciousness

Which unmasks insane ideas of
life requiring sacrifice - to make
us worthy - truth is we are free
to believe love lives in our own
hearts & genes in unconditional
love for everything - to feel its
magical effect creating a sweet
life of common sense founded
in bright wisdom of discernment

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