JB (12/06/1990 / Missoula, MT)

Sweet Dreamer

I lie here sleepless watching you, with a proudly well shown smile.
Knowing just to have you love me, I'll go that extra mile.
My love for you, it flourishes, by day and days from there.
That love grows on in every day, with more than I can spare.
Your dreams go on forever, they change with every day.
But see me in them every night, because I am here to stay.
Sometimes nightmares cross your wary mind.
But I kiss your eyes and your smile shines.
I treasure the moments that we spend together.
I would stay in this moment that we share forever.
The end will never come for us, with judgement day ahead.
If I die, i'll be with you, right here in this bed.
And when we wake, I'll see your face,
and I will know that this is my place.
I thank God for these moments, too bad they must end.
This night I'll thank him, for we can do it again.
Your dreams will continue, and mine will as well.
If you want them to come true, then I'll never tell.

by Jesse Bauer

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