Sweet Dreams

He laid his sweet body
Next to mine.
Our legs, and our dreams,
Were intertwined

His arms around me
Were pressed,
And his heart lay
Against my breast.

The air he breathed
Was the breath I took.
We were lovers,
Like the ones in a book.

We two were one
Until the rising sun
Burned the dreams away,
And I faced another day - Alone.

by Scarlett Treat

Comments (6)

Ah dreams.. so real, so thrilling at the time.. .. the actual world struggles to compete too much of the time.. though it supplies the materials.. strange affair is it not... You capture it all here Scarlett... xxx
Ahhh, I love it, I could read your poems all day long.'Beautiful'--Melvina
So a dream can have dreams? Interesting... -chuck
I think this is near your best yet, Scarlett... The line 'our legs and our dreams were intertwined' is special. The poem is warm with emotion. I love it. XOX Esther
SCARLETT...A TRUE PASSION PLAY WELL PENNED, SWEET SCARLETT ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK
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