If we smell rose
And feel the fragrance
Believe in earnest
Human life is best

Mother earth is holy
We all owe gratitude wholly
It shall be called folly
Even if we condemn it orally

Think of brethrens
Who feel concern?
About others as their own
The sentiments should be known

Yes, human blood is same
But do we respect and claim?
That human body should not bleed
As water is thinner than blood

Our mind is poisoned
And it is deliberately reasoned
No religion teaches hatred
Unless we are totally misled

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (6)

I like this poem, It talks of a person turning into an angel, its a little like mine called 'She's an Angel' that one is about a mother who has lost her child, please take the time to have a read.
wow it is a very very impressive poem
amazing poem, anyone who has red this poem and has lost someone close to them can relate, because we think of our love d ones as angels.. i really enjoed this poem, and it made me think of my lost loved ones-thank you
i love this poem because it reminds me of my grandmother's heart break and joy that came from the loss of her child she was sad to see her go but she knew that she would be in gods hands
Sweet dreams my angel I can't stop singing this song My tears are accompanied by smiles For you won’t feel pain again I shed tears when I first read this poetry because it reminded me of someone. I like the way you placed the words, and I think these are the best words to cheer someone up. Thanks a lot, for making me to smile instead of crying.
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