TF (may 28 1993 / florida)

Sweet Fire

Total heat
In my heart
With a touch
I can make sparks

My hair flowing with the flame
Enough to make me sweat
Yet still here I lay
on a bed of softness and silk
Is that what you want from me?

Breathing hard
With a face so flushed
Can you cool me down?
Or join me in a heat so dangerous
that you have made for me

Tempting you
Or tempting me
In the sun of day
Or the star of night
Follow me into a blazing power

In the end
Wait standing in a haze
And hope its not to late
In a heat so sweet
Here I will lay forever in a blaze

so join me now before its too late

by tierra fisher

Comments (4)

i liked it but wat was it about when i here blazed i think of weed smoking or a blood in all red wat do you mean when you reffer to blazed?
Good on you Tierra for writing so intimately but with acceptability too. Very taking as a piece of fine almost errotic description.
Beautifully written sensuallity, once again. A subject that few will touch on.
I like u'r style of writing when it comes 2 poetry like this, u make it sound so exilerating.I need 2 get 2 know u better. Peace out, Hippy Sav